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Gravitron is the debut album from Pluto's Still A Planet. We are a Blues Funk Rock band out of Columbia, MO, and we hope you like our music. This album was self produced by Rob Pikey and Adam Weber of the band at Ninth Planet Studios which is open for business in Columbia.

If you like how these songs sound and are in a band and need recordings, contact for more info on rates.

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released February 1, 2013

Adam Weber - Guitar/ Vocals
Paul Gray - Lead Guitar
Eric Wiedemier - Bass
Rob Pikey - Drums

Produced by Rob Pikey and Adam Weber at Ninth Planet Studios
("Get Up" and "Reason" were produced by Evan Cottrell with Right As Rain Studios)



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about Columbia, Missouri

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Track Name: Southern Junk Funk
She's burned me once, she's burned me twice, but I'll take my chances to roll the dice..
I never learn my lessons the first time, but by the 3rd or 4th I know it's a crime.
I'll spend my life chasin' after the right things, no broken homes no broken dreams.
you don't know about the things that I've seen, but one day in your life might make me scream. 

If the sun don't shine, go ahead and bring me rain, cause I'll be ok, you know I'm still sane,
and if the sun don't shine, you know I'll be the same, but you could die, from the cold and shame. 

The bartenders all let us in through the back door, free tabs stick around if you wanna score.
This towns got more than your average girls, not obsessed or impressed with the biggest curls,
they all wanna see something more than some action, but my minds still stuck on a fraction,
I try to keep an open mind prepared for attack, but most of the time I'm caught lyin' on my back. 

So let's roll down, to where it hurts, were gonna send them boys away in a hearse.
We already know they don't got much to say, just traitors on the run always trying to get away,
but their shadows always follow, and they never die, some people can't take it over a bullet in the eye,
so they end up on their knees beggin' for the end but we all eventually have to face our sins!
Track Name: The Business
My head feels heavy like a boulder from the moon, everybody knows the jig will be up soon.
If i keep reachin, for just a little more, I know that in the end I'll end up reachin' for the floor.
But then I met a man who thought my story was kind of funny, after he heard it all he said your nothin but a bunny,
cause any real G knows that they can't stress, cause then you get to slippin and you'll end up in a mess 

So you think you're a gangster, you never shot none.
Can you feel safe walkin the streets without a gun?
How many of your days have you spent sittin schemin'.
You're nothin' but a punk steady California dreamin'.
You think you're a gangster, but are you on the run?
Or are you just excited for the danger and the fun?
The profits come heavy but the bars get locked,
and they always know more than you ever really thought. 

I knew this kind of life couldn't last for long, so then I said fuck it, I'll put it in a song.
Theres a million others like me takin opportunities, it's a simple part of life like the birds and the bees. We all creep around trying to hide it up our sleeves, and everybody knows that theres not a remedy, Who the hell doesn't like to party when they play? but when you're egos in the sky this is what I got to say... 
Track Name: State Of The Stations
What kind of music's pumpin from from your speakers, can you feel it through your body resonate to your sneakers,
I don't even care what you listen to as long as you rock to your music, through and through.
They... We don't got what it takes,
Today it's all about the money in your pockets, and even if your eyes are steady burnin through their sockets.
Chasin after dreams doesn't count for a lot, cause they only buy if it sells and you get one shot.
They say... We don't got what it takes,

Give it a little Dubstep, a little hip hop, Fuck it. I'm gonna show you what we got!
You pop the bottles and we'll spit the flows! Bring it all together we can take our tole,
a little dubstep, a little hip-hop fuck it. If that's what it takes to make it to the top,
They say guitars and drums can't make the cut, but I don't give a damn, I'll play what I want. 

So what's your story, go for glory, don't settle for less, we got the sound that's guaranteed to impress.
And we don't care if the radio wants to play us cause once we come through the stereo you're all gonna crave us,
They say... We don't got what it takes,
From chillin in the living room to a  hundred foot stage, it's always been about the fun we just play through the days,
Can we cut through the clutter, I hope that you can hear us, and if you don't like to groove than you sure better fear us.
They say... We don't got what it takes
Track Name: Burn Brighter
She's got dark sunglasses, and some backstage passes,
A pocket full of green that I'll help turn to ashes,
and I got this guitar and a microphone, I think that if I'm lucky I'll be takin' her home,
So I stroll up to the bar, can I buy you a drink?
I just finished my set so let me know what you think.
My pretty little girl don't you say a word.
I can tell what you're thinkin' by your eyes rest assured.
I know you like my style cause it feels so complete.
If you feel so inclined you can move to the beat. 

Can the music take me far away, to a place where we don't have to stay, 
so close to the fire just to burn brighter, I think we can find light on our own, 
It's been a while, and I'm kinda tired so let's just go home
I don't got it all figured out, I'm just learnin what it's all about

So recap to captivate, before the nights to late,
if I play my cards right I'll be lookin' at a second date,
cause this girl I'm lookin' at has caught my eyes.
Because her eyes are lookin' like some stars right out the skies.
All the other people in the room disappear,
every time I see her and she's standin' near,
but this could never be, it's nothin' but a pipe dream,
so I'll hit this mic just to make my mind clean,
sure the sex is bomb but I can't change the fights.
And I feel like shit but out of darkness comes light. 

Pour me up another drink, just to get my mind right,
I'm about to let it go and leave it all here on the mic.
You had a rough day, nobody gives a fuck kid,
gotta roll with the punches and take it like your dad did.
Five times a pussy, eventually you'll be a hardass,
but for now your just a little kid that's still tryin to grasp,
the message behind the words i'm standin here slayin.
I'm not makin shit from the charges you've been payin!
Track Name: Smile
Just the other day, I saw this girl, walkin' with a frown on her face.
I felt her pain cause you know for me, it's all too familiar a place.
If your heads down, I don't know how, you'll ever catch a break.
You might be sad, but hold on strong and be glad that your feelings ain't fake,
so before you lose yourself, take just a minute, to sit back and relax.
Drop your guard down, just listen to the sound, and don't anticipate the attack

Just smile, for me, and you'll see the whole world agrees,
That were all in a better place when you just put away your frown,
Just smile for me, and you'll see the whole world agrees.
Can't you see that you're just bringin us down. 

Yeah you got a new job and new perrogative, but you can't even take a breath.
Keep runnin on a wheel tryin to get a leg up, keep goin till theres nothin left.
Sometimes you feel like, you need to say no, but your reputations on the line.
Don't get too caught up tryin to fix the race, you won't ever have the time.  
So before you lose yourself, take just a minute, to sit back and relax.
Drop your guard down, just listen to the sound, and don't anticipate the attack
Track Name: Bartender
Hey bartender, pour me up a double well. I need a little help breakin outta my shell.
A few dollars is a small price to pay, for the sorrows I'm drownin, right here today.
A poor mans pain disappears with a bottle but they come right back with the sunrise tomorrow,
a stain on my shirt my blood pumpin through my veins, I won''t be at ease till your outta my range, and I don't give a damn if there's a gun in your hand, you can fire it my way if it's part of your plan, but the dust will settle and the wind will blow while your greed shines through and your true colors show

I ain't runnin anymore, the shots have been fired but you haven't settled your score no
I ain't runnin anymore, the powder coats the barrel and now I'm lyin on the floor

This prolly ain't the first time the man behind the bar had to listen to the troubles of a broke down star,
but you can't complain much cause it's part of the job, dealin with the drunks, the brawlers and the slobs.
I won't  find redemption at the bottom of my cup, doesn't matter anyway go ahead and fill it up, cause there's nothin left to lose when you're leakin from the chest,
if I can make it to a bed I think I need a little rest,
you got me pretty good but I still ain't dead yet, my luck is in the stars, and my story hasn't been set, I ain't afraid to die, so I'll stand my ground strong, I've been runnin from nothin just a little bit too long
Track Name: Get Up
I don't like to live my life, feelin all regrets, because I make a lot of mistakes and I ain't done yet.
I'm reachin for tomorrow, but it's still today, remember when we used to ask to go out to play? Everything was simple back whenever I was young. Everything was just a joke it was all about the fun,
but now it's work work work work Johnny don't play. Im grindin by my teeth each and every day.
But when the sun goes down, it's time to clown. So who's comin with me to tear up the town?
We can reach for the stars, but if not tonight, I promise soon enough that together we'll take flight

Get up, get crazy, cause we all came out to play,
we don't have to get up early tomorrow, so let's drink the night away,
get up, get crazy, step away from the door,
we didn't party hard enough unless your passed out on the floor

I got two bottles and a pack of cigarettes, they say that each and everyone takes away a last breath, but I don't mind cause I doubt that in the end, I'll be left with any extra time for me to spend,
worryin about bad decisions from the past, we're all in a battle to see who can last,
It's a world of lost love, can't take back what you say, so be good to others so you can sleep before the day,
It's hard to rest with a target on your back when you're still missin the qualities that you've always lacked.
To take responsibility for what is your fault, it makes my head feel like it's doin somersaults. 
Track Name: Reason
She's got, her little black dress on, you can spot her comin, through the door,
who's gonna clean up her mess now, it sure won't be me anymore,
She'll catch your eyes the way she moves across the floor,
and if you open up she'll leave you wantin some more.
If you wanna go, you can be my guest, \
but you'll be left alone and tired just like all the rest. 

I said baby please, give me a reason why my heart still feels like it's suffocating in your grasp,
I know what we need, let's turn the seasons you know you won't ever shed a tear for me

She used to have a halo, over her head. But it fell off a long time ago,
I sure as hell don't wanna end up in her bed, and I don't care if she likes the show.
She'll catch your eyes with her curves like a rose, but her thorns sting deep and the doors always close,
if you wanna go you can be my guest, but you'll be left alone and tired just like all the rest.
Track Name: Bacon And Eggs
I wasn't up drinkin, I just had trouble sleepin
It's the day before the weekend so teach me how to lie
Teach me how to lie
How long have you been creepin, the kettles still just steepin,
the car alarms been beepin but I just stay to die
I just stay to die

I said I'm sorry, I know you won't call me,
but at least you could tell me what to do.
The shadows all around me have already found me,
and now there takin over my room.
The curtains all around me are falling down,
but you won't hear a thing you won't hear a sound
By the time you wake, I'll be long gone,
and the way you felt before won't matter anymore

I think that I'm in trouble, now I'm seein double,
you already burst my bubble, what's left for you to take
Whats left for you to take
Please, lay down your shovel, your words they are not subtle,
I'm buried in the rubble can't you cut me a break
Cut me a break